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Rippln is a scam

Rippln is a scam

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It's not everyday that I feel compelled to give out a public announcement; however, sometimes when something is so blatantly a scam I feel compelled to alert the masses. Rippln is the new "We're going to be THE NEXT BIG THING IN SOCIAL MEDIA!" site and they use tactics that appeal to the lowest common intelligence denominator. When you get a spam e-mail that says "YOU CAN WIN $1000 RIGHT NOW!", all in caps, do you click on it? No; because you're not an idiot.

However, it would appear that the owners of this new site think otherwise. They are betting that you have no common sense. Do you remember the South Park episode where Cartman bought an amusement park, but would only let 10 people in per day. Lines were huge, because people wanted to be in this exclusive place. That's what Rippln is doing. Using Cartman tactics on the average person and saying "You too can be in an exclusive inner circle that nobody cares about".

Rippln is Multi-level Marketing (MLM) in a social media site. Awesome. Just what we need. For the record, I absolutely detest MLM/Pyramid schemes - in case you were curious. They are shady, creepy and only the sketchiest of people partake in them. The site claims that you get paid for referrals into their "inner circle". They give you a silly NDA saying "Shhh! Don't tell anyone.. You have been chosen to be apart of this exclusive club! This NDA protects us!". It's 100% fluff and so blatantly scammy that I truly don't understand why anyone would think this is legit.

Stop insulting our intelligence.

Look into the people that are supporting this platform. They are very protective in saying it's not a scam while blasting you with "Invite codes" to join their network. People will do anything for pennies for doing nothing apparently - aside from annoying people. Do yourself, and your friends a favor. Spread the word about this INCREDIBLE INNOVATION IN SCAM TECHNOLOGY! (How did I do?)

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